About – Sonno Zona


We understand the importance of calm

Sonno Zona brings you our premier extra soft, wellness enhanced, care-friendly weighted blanket. Life can be stressful, anxiety-ridden and chaotic. But you have the power of natural options to decompress without the use of external drugs and medication, the weighted blanket have shown to promote calm and relaxation for some people.

Weighted blankets have been used in Occupational Therapy to improve relaxation for patients with conditions like: Sensory processing disorder (SPD), autism, stress, anxiety, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, adhd, chronic pain, etc. which benefits patients by providing deep pressure touch stimulation (or DTPS).

Over time, more people have shared that weighted blankets help them relax, promote calm, sleep and stay asleep longer. This is a non-medicated, drug-free holistic method. Those who experience anxiety, stress, insomnia are finding the benefits of weighted blankets. Each individual is different and will have their own unique response to this method.

Quality sleep is critical to a healthy lifestyle, and essential in reducing risk factors to many diseases, and in the management of many illnesses. Every minute of good sleep counts, and the weighted blanket can be part of the healthy lifestyle to ensure true relaxation and a good night's sleep.